Massage Therapy‏

Customized Massage

Light to Deep pressure customized for your needs. Hot towels included on back.                       




 Hot Stone Back Treatment
 Great addition to relax your back and neck muscles.

Aromatherapy Add on +10.00
Choice of Serenity, Electricity, Lavender, Tranquility, or Aches and Pains


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy pillow used so client can lay on stomach comfortably.

(60 min)


Stress Relief Massage

Tired of  life need a break? Come take your mind elsewhere with this  Stress-Fix aromatherapy massage. A full body massage starts with a face  and scalp massage treatment with hot steam towels. Also includes hot  steam towels on back and feet. Light to medium pressure (Can do  unscented if requested)                       



(60Min): $90

(90min):$ 125                      


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones‏ used as tools, as tension melts away. Deep relaxation.                       




Couples Platinum experience

Enjoy each other's company in our spa Suite. Sip some bubbly champagne mimosas by our fireplace while soaking your feet in a hot Ginger foot soak. Spa snacks provided during your soaking experience. Followed by full 60-minute massages side by side on heated beds. The body will be massage with warm melting coconut oil from a melting candle. Your body will be glowing and feel luxurious after the massage. Results for days! This massages also ends  with a hot stone back treatment and hot towels on back to begin and end the massage. This is the ultimate couples experience whether you're with a friend or a partner this will say "I love you!"


Couples Escape

Treat yourself to a little getaway! Enjoy each other's company in fluffy robes while you sip champagne mimosas and soak your feet in a warm ginger foot bath by the fireplace. Spa snacks included while soaking. Followed by full 60-minute massages side by side on heated beds. Massage begins and ends with hot towels on the back and a hot stone back treatment. A little Slice of Heaven!


Couples Renewal

Slip into fluffy robes and sip some champagne mimosas by our fireplace while soaking your feet in a warm ginger foot soak. Spa snacks are included during soaking time. Followed by 1 hour massages in our spa Suite side by side in luxurious heated beds. A nice treat to drift away!


NOVA Lash Extensions


Hydration Facial with Caviar Mask $90

Smooth and moisturizes skin. Also revitalizes the skin from UV damage and enhances clarity. While   promoting cell turnover to reveal your beautiful glowing skin. Topped off with a  caviar mask made with real Caviar and  Royal Jelly extract. Your skin  will look and feel amazing after first treatment.

Extra 30% glycolic +20



Skin Detox Facial $95

Detoxifying Acid Peel. 25% Glycolic Acid with active coconut, charcoal and willowherb   This peel will reach deeper to epidermal layer of skin to unclog stubborn pores, soften deep pores and correct minimal hyperpigmentation. This facial is also great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Zero downtime or  flaking!

Hyaluronic Stem Cell Facial $100

 Plant-derived Stem Cell extracts, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides . Provide a long-lasting moisture to the skin  great for fine lines and wrinkles . Leaves your skin smooth,  tightened and youthful.  
Extra 30% glycolic +20

Back Facial (60Min) $75

Purify and tone your back with  this treatment. Cleanse, tone, extractions all while steaming the back.  Finished with an invigorating  lemon scrub romoved by hot steam towels  and followed by a firming cream massaged into the skin.

Extra 30% glycolic+30


Customized Facial $80

Suited for your needs with a Customized Blend of Bioelements and G.M Collins Professional Products.

Anti-Aging Facial $140/ Package of (4) $520

We can't stop the aging process but we can definitely slow it down with this facial! 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum used with a micro-needling Derma Roller to push the serum deep into the skin layers. You will look brighter and your skin will feel firmer after first facial recommended in series of 4 treatreatments.